Do all rings come in the same size?

Looking to purchase a beautiful new ring for someone special in your life? You’ll want to choose one that offers the perfect fit – not all rings come in the same size! After all, the right size could be the difference between a ring that is too tight or falls off of your finger and one that offers the perfect fit. Knowing a little bit more about how rings are sized can help you determine the right size for you.

How are rings sized?

Ring sizes are numbered based on the circumference of the inside of the band. These numbers can range anywhere from 3 to 15, the rings getting bigger with each ring size. A size 5 ring will be much smaller in circumference than a size 8 ring. For those who fall somewhere in between, some rings also come in half sizes (size 5.5) or quarter sizes (5.25) to help people get the perfect fit.

It is important to remember that there are a lot of factors that can affect your ring size throughout the day and throughout the year. Measure your hands when they are warm, not cold. Also keep in mind that each finger will have a different ring size and your left hand may differ from your right hand.

While there are many methods that can help you determine your ring size at home, the most accurate way to choose the perfect ring size is to come visit us directly. We can help you determine the perfect ring size for you.

If you have a ring at home that you would like to have adjusted, you can also visit us for a resizing! From engagement rings and wedding rings to personalized custom rings, we can help ensure that your beautiful ring has the perfect fit.