Do You Offer Engravings?

Looking to give your loved one a truly unique piece of jewelry? Engravings are the perfect way to make your jewelry more personal and meaningful. We offer jewelry engravings that allow you to personalize and customize your jewelry with a name, initials or heartening message.

Customizing jewelry with engravings is not a new concept. In fact, engravings date back to prehistoric times when people carved on decorative stones! Fortunately, the practice of engraving has come a long way over the centuries. Now, we can engrave on harder surfaces like the inside of wedding rings, the surface of a pendant or on your favorite pocket watch.There are two different types of jewelry engraving options available to those looking to personalize their piece of jewelry.

Traditional Etched Engraving

Traditional engravings are done by physically carving or etching a personal message onto the surface of the jewelry. This method is common and has been used in customization throughout history. A professional will scratch the engraving directly onto your piece for a long lasting message.

Laser Engraving

Laser engravings are a newer form of engraving. Laser engraving uses a laser to burn your message onto the surface of your jewelry. This engraving is safe for all metals, from gold to tungsten. One of the main benefits of choosing a laser engraving is that you can engrave symbols or pictures, too.

At Squires Jewelers, we will work with you to create a custom and unique piece that can make your dream jewelry a reality. Contact us directly to discuss the engraving options available to you.