New ear piercings are exciting for everyone involved. For many families – it’s even tradition! Whether you are looking to have your own ears pierced or your child has been asking you for permission to pierce theirs, you’ll want to know about the process beforehand.

We know how important safety is when it comes to the health of yourself or your child. Here are a few tips you’ll want to keep in mind before you get your ears pierced.

Safe Ear Piercing Tips:

Choose the Right Material – You want to make sure your first piercing is the right material. We use 14k gold. This is considered to be the safest metal for your ear piercing.

Know Proper Post-Piercing Care – It is important to take extra care with a new piercing. Always clean the front and back of the earring with rubbing alcohol or a special cleaning solution at least twice a day. This will help keep the piercing clear. It is also important that you don’t remove the piercing for 6-8 weeks. This will give the hole more time to heal. However, it will take at least six months for your piercing to heal fully. At Squires Jewelers, we provide a free ear piercing cleaning solution kit with the purchase of 14k earrings.

Where can you go to get your ears pierced safely?

At Squires Jewelers, we provide a safe, sterile environment for your ear piercing. We will keep you informed from beginning to end so that you or your child is as comfortable as possible throughout the process. We also offer the ability to pierce both ears at the same time. We are highly recommended by local mothers and doctors and we do our best to make you or your child as comfortable as possible. You can learn more about the ear piercing services that we offer on our website or by giving our Long Island store a call at 631-499-7444.