Wedding Bands on Long Island

Wedding Bands

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Ready to say “I do”? No wedding ceremony is complete without the exchange of wedding bands by the bride and the groom!

Why have wedding rings become such an important part of the traditional wedding ceremony?

Historically, wedding rings were used to represent a man’s wealth. Men would present a ring to a woman’s family in order to receive the father’s approval. The ring is a symbol leftover from the times when marriage was a contract – not a symbol of love. However, while the concept is dated, the tradition lives on with a more modern and heartfelt meaning. Now, these wedding bands symbolize never-ending and immortal love. They are often created from noble metals that represent the commitment and devotion of the marriage bond. Sometimes, the husband and wife-to-be will choose to have the rings engraved with the name of the spouse, date of the wedding or a phrase that is special to them.

Many couples choose to have their best man or maid of honor hold onto their wedding rings until the ceremony, where they produce them at the symbolic moment. This sign of eternal love and devotion is worn not just on their wedding day, but every day moving forward. The ring symbolizes their eternal love for each other – and has become a tradition in many marriages.

We know how important this moment is and what it represents for you and the love of your life. That’s why we work with you to make sure that every detail is perfect. Whether you are looking for a simple wedding band to complement your beautiful diamond engagement ring, or you want something more detailed and extravagant, we can help you find the perfect wedding band in Long Island to symbolize your eternal love.