What’s the difference between natural and lab created stones?

When it comes to choosing the right stone for your piece of jewelry, it’s important to choose a design that is both meaningful and personal to you. That’s why we recommend learning about the differences between natural and lab created stones. When you understand the benefits that each type of stone has to offer, you can then confidently decide what type of stone will best fit your unique needs.

Natural Stones

There is something truly beautiful about having a piece of custom jewelry that has been created naturally. Natural stones have been a part of the Earth for nearly unimaginable lengths of time! Here are a few of the reasons that people opt for natural stones.

Natural Stone Benefits:

The History – The process behind creating a natural stone is truly amazing. It took thousands of years of heat and pressure for your beautiful gemstone to be created.
It’s Unique – Since your stone is naturally created, there is not another stone exactly like it in the world. In fact, many natural gemstones are very rare and hard to come by!

Lab Created Stones

Synthetic gemstones are created using the same materials that it takes to make a natural stone. Chemically and physically, they are absolutely identical to their natural counterparts. Here are a few of the reasons that people opt for lab created stones.

Lab Created Stone Benefits:

More Affordable – One of the main benefits of lab created stones is that they’re designed to be more affordable.
Fewer Flaws – Since these stones are designed in a lab, they often have fewer flaws than natural gems.
They’re Eco-Friendly – Lab created stones are considered more environmentally friendly than natural stones. This is because the process of mining for natural gems can be very invasive. When stones are created in the lab, they use fewer utilities and resources.

If you have any questions about natural or lab created stones, visit our Long Island jewelry store. Our professionals can help you find the right piece for your unique style.