Savoir Faire Fort Salonga

When choosing a fine jeweler for the purpose of purchasing a piece that is custom made and like none other, it’s important to consider their Savoir Faire Fort Salonga process, which is a true commitment to excellence regarding the technique of hand-crafted jewelry-making. Squires Fine Jewelers is an outstanding choice for this because we’re highly familiar with the process and have many years of experience in this field!

It all starts with the vision you have being brought to life through coming by our location to speak with one of our Savoir Faire Fort Salonga master jewelers about it. You will have the option of either going with your own original creation, or perhaps there’s something that you’ve seen and liked but would like to have some changes made to it so that it will line up with your specific preferences. You can then discuss which types of metals, gemstones, etc, should be included in your customized piece. You can even include your own gemstones or diamonds, if you’d like. The next step for your custom-made item is that it will be sketched out onto paper, and a waxed version of it will be prepared over the next several weeks. After that, you will come by for another appointment to see it and let us know whether or not this prototype meets your expectations. If you are fully satisfied with it, we will then go ahead and cast the piece, set the stone(s), and polish it! As we melt the metals involved for your one-of-a-kind Savoir Faire Fort Salonga jewelry item specifically, you can go with your choice of white gold, yellow gold, or platinum.

We are also able to help you with arranging financing for this precious item of your dreams, if needed! Our friendly associates are knowledgeable and have a passion for seeing our customers absolutely delighted with their purchases! What’s more, we have many beautiful selections on-hand that you may wish to consider purchasing for yourself or for a dearly loved one for their upcoming birthday, anniversary, graduation, wedding, or other significant life event! We offer an amazing array of gorgeous rings, bracelets, timepieces, and necklaces, as well as other items that will be truly cherished! Our jewels are exceptional and quite stunning! With over 40 years in the business, Squires is the right jeweler to visit for top-of-the-line jewelry that will make you stand out in the crowd!

We encourage you to go online and check out our informative website, This way, you can get an idea of what we have to offer before you come by to speak with us about your Savoir Faire Fort Salonga piece or any other jewelry inquiries. If you’d prefer to call ahead to ask us questions or set up an appointment, our phone number is (631)499-7444. Our pleasant and helpful associates are here to help you and provide professional insight. Better still, we’d love to have you come by and visit our location so that you can see for yourself the many incredible creations that we carry! We look forward to assisting you at your earliest convenience.