Timepiece Greenlawn

When considering purchasing a Timepiece Greenlawn, you really should keep Squires Jewelers in mind! We offer a complete line of finely crafted ones that come in many different styles to reflect the varied individualities of their respective owners. They are quite fashionable, and they make excellent gifts that, unlike watches, can even increase in value with age! While a watch can be considered a timepiece and does perform the function of providing you with the literal time, it’s actually not quite at the same level as a timepiece.

At Squires, our timepieces are extremely well-crafted and built to last. Only the finest of materials are used, including gold, high-grade steel, diamond, carbon fiber, and rubies. A Timepiece Greenlawn has either mechanical wind movements or automatic wind movements, although there are those that have both. These movements consist of many wheels, springs, gears, and tiny pieces to keep the timepiece running well, even under the harshest and most extreme of weather conditions! Our timepieces also include complications, which are specific functions that go beyond keeping time, such as a chronograph, moon phase, calendar, or tourbillon. These complications are features that add to the value of the piece itself.

We offer several brands of Timepieces Greenlawn, including Caravelle, which is a line that’s designed by Bulova, as well as Citizen, and Swarovski, to name a few. The Caravelle are available in the current colors and trends. They add elegance and an accent to any outfit. Our Citizen watches will never need battery replacement, due to the fact that they each have an eco-drive that gives it the ability to convert power from any light source. The Swarovski line, which is from Switzerland, consists of timepieces that are sophisticated and refined with their beautiful Swarovski crystals. Unless you have some very specific requirements, you may have a hard time deciding which one to purchase!

Not only will you find an incredible Timepiece Greenlawn at our location, we offer an incredible array of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and even children’s jewelry! We also do ear piercing on-site. What’s more, our engagement and wedding ring and band offerings are truly spectacular and made in many interesting styles!  Stop by and see for yourself the impressive choices that we have to offer for when you’re looking to purchase that extra special gift for someone’s birthday, graduation, or anniversary, as well as for those times that you want to treat yourself to something beautiful that you’ll cherish forever!

Please take the time to look over our website, www.squiresjewelers.com to find out more! If you’d like, you’re also welcome to pick up the phone and give us a call at (631)499-7444 in the event that you have any questions. Our friendly and knowledgeable associates would be more than glad to help you! Perhaps you’re ready to just come in and check out the different beautiful jewelry items that we have on-hand. If so, we look forward to meeting you and assisting you in any way that we can!